Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mr. Darling and Snort: the strange couple!!!

Due Steampunkers...adorabili di loro è un po' sporchetto a dirla a lui piace così!!! Presto su Etsy!!!

Goble the Good, the Snail Trainer: IADR Winner

Primo premio allo IADR per questo piccoletto! Felicissima!!!

Scolpire le mani: Tutorial in Inglese e in Italiano

Disponibile in Inglese e Italiano, il mio tutorial sulla modellazione delle mani in pasta sintetica. Gratis per i membri dello IADR , e per gli altri disponibile su richiesta, gratuitamente. Lasciate solo un commento a questo post o mandatemi una E-MAIL . Sarò felice di inviarvelo!!! <3

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Bah Humbug!!!

Who doesn't like this Grumpy Man? I do adore him, and trying to give him Justice, for he is not just insolent, perky and maybe the cockiest man in the world...I can see his Sweet Sweet side. He is an adorable Smug!!!

GoodBye John

There are many beautiful people in this world. But when you meet a Heart like that of this man, you cannot remain unamazed!
He was a very special one: his kindness filled the World with grace and positive power.
and the way he lived, he has noise, no fear...just a great smile and Peace!
I cannot thank you enough John Allen, for being that kind to me...You will live forever in my Heart!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just a Teaser!

Not yet done: Coming soon!
Prosculpt Light, my endless Love!!!