Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hamson Moss of Lake-by-Downs

Cernit Polymer Clay, is very much different than Prcosculpt! It is softer, and it tends to lose shape quite easily if too much heated. So you have to do it quickly, or wait from a step to another that the clay is harder. I generally put it in the oven just for about 3/4 min at 120°C, so that I can work on a harder sufrace to add details. But of course it depends on your way of working, the heat of your hands, the project you're working on!
Prosculpt is my best, just because it allows me to work on it much longer, without any troubles.
Jack Johnston magic polymer Clay is, to me, the best ever!!!
Give it a try, if you yet didn't!!!

But this one is made out of Cernit!!!

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